Class Intention:

The purpose of this course is to help you understand the executive functioning deficit of children with autism, the many ways it influences behavior, and also serve as a guide for you in establishing teaching strategies that will increase your ASD student’s success in the classroom. This will support you by boosting your confidence in working with and having a child with autism in your classroom, and also help you to leverage the strategies you learn to support the entire class.

This class will cover these specific topics:

  • What is Executive Functioning and What does it do?
  • The Connection Between Lack of Executive Function, Linear Thinking, and Comprehension
  • Accountability and Setting Boundaries
  • With the Lack of Accountability, How Do We Teach Rule-Following?
  • Stumbling Blocks related to Executive Functioning and Accountability
  • Guidelines on How to Develop Accountability and Executive Functioning
  • Prompting Before Stimulate Executive Functioning and Accountability
  • Teaching Metacognition and Problem Solving
  • Executive Functioning Stimulation Worksheet